The company

ProFix helps small to mid-sized businesses utilize the best Web Based Facility Management Software to achieve more with the resources they already have.

Facility Management Software

We work with your team to provide an unbiased evaluation of your CMMS, EAM, Janitorial Software, and Landscaping Software needs. We help you select the best system to optimize work performance and improve accountability.

Software Implementation

Once you have selected the best Facility Management Software for your company, we ensure your implementation and integration is quick, easy, and matched to your work flow. We quality check your system to confirm reliability and performance.

Technical Support

ProFix trains your staff on key features they will use to save you money. We ensure your team gets off to a good start and we provide ongoing support to make sure employees and clients understand the most efficient ways to use your software.

Get New Business

ProFix can work with your Sales and Marketing team to write Technical Proposals that showcase your capabilities to prospective clients. We are experienced proposal writers for Federal, State, Local, and Commercial opportunities.

Project Experience

Our team has helped over 10,000 buildings implement and support their CMMS, EAM, Janitorial Software, and Landscaping Software. We are experienced with every type of Facility, from small offices to some of the largest campuses and military bases in the USA.













What we do

We specialize in Web Based Facility Management solutions to improve work visibility, increase employee accountability, and mobilize your workforce.

Step 1

We work with your team to uncover the most efficient work and communication processes, then translate their needs into a successful implementation.

Step 2

The success of your systems is directly related to how well your employees can optimize their work. We ensure they "Get It" so you get a great Return on Investment.

Step 3

ProFix helps your team remain productive by giving them the right answers right away. We are there for them to ensure you get the most out of every dollar.

Step 4

Gaining new clients is vital. ProFix can help you prepare Technical Proposals to highlight your new capabilities and demonstrate your competitive advantage.

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We help some of the most demanding facilities in the world deliver exceptional service.